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Mullan Training deliver training courses on the New Features available in each new release of Sage Payroll & Accounts.

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 What's New in Sage 50 Payroll? Sage Payroll - Upgrade training courses

Things are always changing in the payroll world. With continuous updates, regulations and assessments from the Inland Revenue, Benefits Agency and other external sources, as well as requests from employers and employees, it is essential to have a flexible payroll system that prepares you for each and every eventuality.

Many of the improvements recently introduced to Sage 50 Accounts, including Process Maps and Dashboards are also featured in Sage Payroll. The improved integration and common feel between the two applications makes Sage the ideal solution for simplifying your accounting and payroll functions.

Sage Payroll introduces a range of new features to enable you to run your payroll in the easiest and quickest way, and has been designed with a changing payroll world in mind.

Sage Payroll New Features

Advanced Integration

Data can be more easily transferred into Sage Payroll from various sources, including competitor payroll or HR software as well as Microsoft Excel.

Process Maps

The new process maps in Sage Payroll make finding your way around and learning the program much easier. Routines such as processing payroll and running your year end are made even more intuitive, saving your accounts department time and ensuring it does not have too bigger impact on the day to day running of your business.

Each process map consists of a set of steps, connected together to show a workflow, this enables the user to follow a logical path through the process involved in running your payroll, helping to eliminate errors.


View your key data through the new Sage Payroll Dashboard, from here you can see a straight forward summary of your company's payroll information.

From the Dashboard you can then expand the information to see the details which make up the total, this means you can easily access all information through a simple interface.


e-Banking is now included for all those with Sage Payroll Cover*. This enables you to instruct payments such as wages and Inland Revenue payments to your bank direct from your Sage Payroll Software, thereby saving you time and money and reducing the possibilities of errors in the transfer of payment details. Since April 2004, it has been mandatory for employers with more than 250 employees to submit payments to the Inland Revenue electronically and this feature helps you to comply with the regulation.

Sage 50 Accounts Integration

You can now access Sage Line 50 from within Sage Payroll, this makes it much easier to deal with accounts queries whilst carrying out payroll tasks.

 What's New in Sage 50 Accounts? Attend one of our upgrade training courses in Belfast

New and Improved Features

Software Performance - investment has been increased in the software infrastructure which in a nutshell means improved productivity and efficiency for users, particularly in a multi user environment.

  • Improved overall performance

  • Reduced waiting time for concurrent users saving or interrogating transactions/records
  • Improved time to perform a Swap, Search or Sort on lists
  • Improved time to open a Record Activity or run an Activity Report
  • Improved time to run reports and layouts
  • Improved abililty to identify and resolve bugs that cause data corruption so it's easier to run check data and backups when other users are logged in    

Lock Date - allows you to stop postings being made before a given date. This reduces the number of errors made when posting transactions, particularly after a month or year end. 


Chart of Accounts improvements- you no longer have to manually create a Chart of Accounts and reports for a new company. You can now create companies based on different business types rather than using the unsuitable default provided.

A Preview Pane means you don't have to print a report to check your amended Chart of Accounts layout. 

Nominal Codes - are now a fairer reflection of a modern business so no more manual amendments for a new company setup. 

Quick Search - if you feel you waste a lot of time looking for the right record the new Quick Search feature will, as the name suggests, let you conduct a much faster search within a list. It's a good alternative to the existing search which can be far too comprehensive. 

Quick Print using Default Layouts- you will now be able to select default layouts to be used with the new Quick Print functionality. An additional tab has been added to Invoice and Order Defaults labelled Quick Print. You can set defaults for invoices, sales orders, quotations (invoices), quotations (sales orders) and purchase orders. 

Direct Payments (International Payments) - you can now make international payments through Sage Direct Payments. Sage International Payments will give you a better exchange rate than the bank, no transfer fees and much faster payments compared to any bank or foreign exchange company in the UK.

Sage 50 Mobile - a free app for iPods, iPhones and Blackberrys that will let you get remote access to your Sage 50 desktop data. Gives you a fast overview of customers, suppliers and overall financial position as well as secure access to live data with different levels of access for different users.

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